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Kuro - Creative Punishment :icontenshi-no-hikari:Tenshi-no-Hikari 11,504 1,495
'I can't draw!' and Other Lame Excuses F
The excuses are used over and over and over. They're the "Dog Ate My Homework" of tracers.
At a glance, some of them might seem like valid arguments, but in the end, there is no excuse for art theft.
So, here are the top ten excuses for tracing- and the reasons that they don't work.
1. "I don't know how to draw."
Obviously not, or you probably wouldn't be tracing- but have you thought of learning? There are tons and tons of resources on the internet. Schools and colleges and other places offer drawing classes. You can find books in the library or bookstore or art shop about drawing. There's a wealth of information out there- this really isn't an excuse.
"But I can't learn to draw! It's too hard!" Yes, you can. How many thousands and thousands of artists are there in the world? So many people manage it. It is not easy, but it's not impossible.
2. "I changed parts of it, so it's mine."
Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a "change 30%" la
:iconstop-tracing:stop-tracing 252 161
Fun Facts About Sebastian Michaelis' Symbol (EDIT)
Ever wondered about the writings and symbolism on the contract between our adorable young Earl and his trusty butler? Well, since I'm as curious as a cat myself, here are some things I found out (internet, you never cease to amaze me):
~ weirdly enough, tetragrammaton came from a Greek word that means "(a word) having four letters". The Tetragrammaton occurs 6,828 times in the Hebrew text of both the Biblia Hebraica and Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia.
     These four letters are usually transliterated from Hebrew as IHVH in Latin, JHWH in German, French and Dutch, and JHVH/YHWH in English. This has been variously rendered as "Yahweh" or even occasionally as "Jehovah", based on the Latin form of the term, while the Hebrew text does not clearly indicate the omitted vowels.
(- - if you think about it, why would something about God be in a pentagram (The star in a circle symbol)? But then again, the following fact
:iconaneir:aneir 49 23
Gently, I will not be overwhelmed
:iconrequestsask: Only :iconmalikiflowers30::iconjaycee974::iconnikki-tyan-autobot::iconskyrayon::iconskyracinghero717::iconxthundy::icondeepclever::icongreensnakesen:
:icontradesask: Only :iconbrook8000::iconskyrayon::iconmarmar42999::iconlemuriiamber::iconpikaiscoollll::iconmusicalartninja::iconananini::iconpurple-ninja-kaylan::iconjaycee974::iconaquaillusions::icongreensnakesen::iconshadethecb:
:iconmytherbale:mytherbale 5 55
Yes, this is open. And no, you don't have to watch me to be able to get these (but if you like my art, don't be shy)!

I DO NOT SHARE OR REDISTRIBUTE THE VOICEBANKS YOU SEND TO ANYONE UNLESS OTHERWISE INSTRUCTED. I understand that most if not all of these voicebanks are unreleased. I do not use or make covers using  any of these UTAUs until they have officially been released. If you comment with you UTAU's voicebank link however, there are no guarantees that someone else won't download it. 
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧。・:*:・゚★
I am willing to oto your voicebanks for free!
Why are they free, you ask? Well, I remember when I first started out with UTAU and I recorded my own VB for the first time. I had no-one to help me, and (a
:iconmagicalspackles:MagicalSpackles 26 208
lase tutorial using SAI :iconyamiao:yamiao 722 54
Cooking With Heichou (Levi X Reader)
You walked down the hallways as quietly as possible, taking one small step at a time, and keeping your candle lifted above your head. Why were you out so late, in the middle of the night, and a candle as the only light source? Well, you didn't hear anything or see anything that made you get up and start wandering the castle, but you... smelled something? It was like some sort of Sasha instinct, but you knew that once you smelled it, you had to find out what it was. So you put on your uniform, and started to follow it. It was heavenly, like the way a bake shop smells. Your thoughts were interrupted when you knocked over a stray rock from the pavement, making it echo throughout the halls. You cringed and stood there for a second. When nothing happened, you sighed and kept walking.
After a while of walking and following the beautiful smell, you were at the door of the kitchen. You pressed your ear against the door, but heard nothing. Light was flooding out of the cracks of the doors. You
:icongreystream:Greystream 927 226
French [Levi x Reader High School AU]
It was weird that you could have full conversation based on topics ranging from the technological impact on human society to whether or not tomato was a fruit but still blush at the little things they did. Maybe they glanced at you from across the room. Or maybe it was an accidental brush of the hand. Whatever it may be it sent your face flaring up like a forest fire. Levi was always a very observant person, so, the chances that he didn't notice were rather slim.
However, the universe hates you and so it didn't stop there. For science, you were his lab partner. So obviously the little things to made your face burn were bound to happen multiple times.
Today, you had science class. You huffed as you took your seat next to him determined to keep any read from dawning onto your cheeks like the morning sun.
He glanced at you, “Well, aren't we excited today,” he said in his usual, monotonous and low voice.
“Well, y’know, science class. Who isn't excited?” you re
:iconlancecorporalbadass:lancecorporalbadass 411 70
I Am Not A Weenie [Levi x Reader]
Warning: Strong language. Don't read if you're uncomfortable.     
    "Shit," you hissed as you fell face forward.
    "Ha! That wasn't even half a minute," Your dark-haired boyfriend sneered. 
    "You try it then!" you yelled back. 
    He climbed unsteadily onto the surfboard of the bright blue arcade game. Hanji and Erwin supervised you and Levi. They had also put pillows literally everywhere because you two had insisted on playing and it was just like you two to get really, really, really drunk. 
    Levi grabbed the remote and put it on difficult mode. You watched him with a beer bottle in one hand. 
    He fell off almost immediately.
    He looked back at the machine with utter disgust. 
    "You dare throw me off," he said sternly, "I am a man. You are but a measly machine."
:iconlancecorporalbadass:lancecorporalbadass 261 35
I am a Man [Drunk Levi x Reader]
    You wormed your way through the sweaty crowd of barely dressed and, more often than not, drunk people. You had gone to the restroom and lost track of Levi's location and that was dangerous since he was above drinking age and there was a bar. He wasn't an alcoholic by any means but it was hard to stop once he started.
    You found him at the bright blue bar and made your way towards him.
    "Levi!" you called as you squeezed out of the crowd and stumbled into his back. He was spinning a bottle of beer and his usually pale face was completely flushed. Your eyebrows furrowed.
    "How much had you had?" you asked taking the bottle he had in his hand from him. His face scrunched up like a child and he made a feeble attempt at grabbing the bottle.
    "Oh, you know," he said, "Two, three. Maybe ten."
    "Ten?" You remembered he had three before you went to the restroom. Thinking back, it was probably a bad idea to fix your m
:iconlancecorporalbadass:lancecorporalbadass 763 156
Levi x Reader: Levi's Little Kisses
why can't a write a fluff that doesn't have one pervy thing in it? TT.TT Request for Marixrush !
There was a guy in your high school that you really, really liked. He was about 2 years older than you and in his junior year. So yes, you were but a cute, little freshman with a cute, little infatuation on your senpai.
You first laid eyes upon him on the first day of school. All freshman had to pick a club to join, so the older students were tabling for their respective organizations, Ping Pong Club, Computer Science Team, Math Society, Spanish Honors Club, etc etc.
And there was one table that you noticed only had one student. A raven-haired male with steely grey eyes was sitting cross-legged in a seat as he leaned back and sketched a picture in his notebook. It wasn't necessarily his appearance that caught your attention but rather the way everybody seemed to avoid him as if he were the plague.
But they didn't seem to hate, it was as if they were scared of him.
True, he gave o
:iconanimatryx:animatryx 1,081 378
Wtfhanji :iconxkafix:xKafix 148 88
Levi x Reader: Muffled cries, muffled thoughts
     Anime: Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan
     Warning: Contains mild cursing
     Second Person POV     
Quietly, you sat up in your bed. You didn't know what was wrong, but tears started falling down your face anyways. You tried to keep quiet, but you had trouble. So, you buried your face in your pillow, your salty tears soaking the pillow, muffling your sobs. Why were you crying? You didn't know... your thoughts were clouded, you couldn't hear your own thoughts. They were muffled, just like your crying.
     Just then, you heard the door creak open, and a frightening, stoic voice, that you and the other cadets knew way too well. 
     "Oi. Cadet." Corporal Levi said, not too happily.
     "C-corporal." You said, looking up from your pillow, your voice shaking. You sent him a sloppy salute, and looked into his stoic grey ey
:iconkarasunoking:KarasunoKing 207 49
Little Things (Levi X Reader)
"Please, please, PLEASE Levi! Let me experiment on you!" Hanji pleaded, shaking Levi's arm around. "It'll be really quick, I just want to turn you into a penguin!"
"What the hell is a penguin, Shitty Glasses?" Levi asked, pulling his arm away from her.
"It's an animal that was in a book Armin showed me! Here, let me find it and you'll want to be turned into it too." She said, searching a bag she had with her.
Levi groaned and rolled his eyes, sipping his tea. You let out a small laugh beside him, but slammed your hand over your mouth to stop. You couldn't stop. You started bursting out laughing. "What?" Levi said, looking at you suspiciously.
"I'm just imagining Humanities Strongest Soldier as a penguin." You said once you caught your breath. Levi rolled his eyes and pressed a small kiss to your cheek when no one was looking. Hanji pulled the book out and flipped to a page, showing Levi the picture of the pitiful penguin. You started bursting out laughing again, clutching your stomach
:icongreystream:Greystream 542 199



Request by ElenaWindMaster
I turned it into a coloring page cause I was tired and was like ehhh damn can I not color this
SO SO SO SO Sorry ;w;
For mytherbale
Cora by :iconmytherbale:

I'm sorry I couldn't do a full colored picture, it was really late. I finished this just past midnight ahaha
Thanks for requesting!
Yep do support me on my main deviantart by buying art gifts of my art
I put an art gift piece up for sale here on dA, do support me by buying them~
You can get mugs, magnets, postcards, greeting cards and stuff like that. It's an Abstract mess of things called GOT YA


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